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Mjesta u Istri


Umag is a small seaside town recognized for its tennis schools and tournaments.


Buje is called "the guard of Istria“ due to its strategic position.


Above the once Venetian port of Bastia, the former centre of the northern Venetian part can be found, the town of Grožnjan.


Novigrad is situated on its own green peninsula, which up until today has been protected by walls from the middle ages.


Close to sunrise, under the veil of the mist, one can make out the outline of the most beautiful Motovun, a proud town that is located on the top of a solitary hill.


Fresh air, a great view and woods full of small waterfalls, cascades and pools decorate this town.


According to legend Hum, the medieval town also known as the smallest town in the world, was founded completely by chance.


Today Poreč is a most attractive destination, as much as for its historical sights, as for its abundant daily and nightly entertainment in the summer.


Pazin is located in the heart of the Istrian peninsula whose shape reminds of the symbol of life and love.


The one time famous summer spot for the lover Casanova, today provides a picture of the Mediterranean soul of Istria.


Distinctive because of its microclimate and original because of its looks, Rovinj falls amongst the most visited towns in Istria. As an inspiration for something lofty, Rovinj has for centuries attracted artists, bohemians and the unconventional.


Srednjovjekovni gradić Svetvinčenat (San Vincente)


The city of Republicans, the fighters of free speech, and the Labin Revolution started by the theologist Matija Vlacic, a pupil of martin Luther, makes Labin historically notable.


Rabac je poznati hrvatski ljetovalište koje se nalazi samo 5 km od srednjovjekovnog grada Labina.


Barban je malo povijesno mjesto smješteno na visoravni koja dijeli Labinštinu od Puljštine.


Neotkrivena i atraktivna morska obala Marčane strmo uranja u čisto i duboko Jadransko more.


The town of Vodnjan was once a large urban center so that nowadays it is most interesting as a cultural and tourist destination.

Fažana / Valbandon

Doživljaj Fažane kao ribarskog mjesta najživlji je u lučici, na rivi gdje se uz barke i mreže razvija priča o ribarskome umijeću i ribarskoj sreći.


Peroj se nalazi preko puta Nacionalnog parka Brijuni i nudi pristup netaknute prirodne plaže

Galižana (Gallesano)

Smješten samo 6 km od plaže, Fažana (Nacionalni park Brijuni), a od centra grada Pule, Galižana je malo selo koje je još uvijek teško dirnuti turizam.

Nacionalni Park Brioni

Brijuni (Brioni in Italian) are a group of fourteen small islands in the Croatian part of the northern Adriatic Sea, separated from the west coast of the Istrian peninsula by the narrow Fažana Strait.


The largest Istrian town, and one time main military port of the Austrian monarchy is worthy of all visits.

Medulin / Ližnjan / Šišan

Medulinska rivijera ima i dobro opremljene hotele, sa sadržajima za cjelogodišnji rad.


Premantura is surrounded by nature not many places can boast of.