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Buje is called "the guard of Istria“ due to its strategic position.

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The Buje area stretches from the river Mirna to the river Dragonja, which also marks the border with the Republic of Slovenia. The distance from Umag and the sea is 13 km.
Buje is called "the guard of Istria“ due to its strategic position, surrounded by a series of hills that were populated by different tribes already in the Bronze Age. In the Iron Age came the tribe "Histri". In the year 981 Buje's subordination to the Aquileia patriarchy was confirmed, which in 1102 definitely came under its authority. In the 13th century Buje became an independent community which in 1412 signed the act of surrender to Venice.
Four centuries of Venetian dominance left a major trace on the historic center of Buje, starting from Spiazzo alle Porte (today called Freedom Square), where was once the city Loggia.
Stone forts kept the old city center intact with its narrow streets and a central square, dominated by a Gothic palace and the Baroque church of St Servula from the XVI century which was built on the foundations of a Roman temple.

In the immediate vicinity of Buje are the very attractive medieval towns Groznjan, Momjan and Zavrsje.