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Selling a property in Croatia?

TopAdria offers a selection of special properties to potential buyers, such as:

  • properties located directly on the seafront (villas, houses, building land and, possibly, upscale holiday apartments)
  • properties in special locations (such as with distant sea views)
  • authentic Austro-Hungarian villas
  • new villas and cottages with pool
  • (detached) stone houses for renovation on a large plot, especially former stancijas, wine and other country estates
  • nice renovated stone houses with front and/or backyard
  • 4 and 5 star hotels and villa resorts and other commercial projects in the tourism sector

In addition to the types of properties listed above, the property has to have clean ownership papers and the asking price must be commensurate with what is being offered and what potential buyers might be willing to pay. The more attractive the property the higher the chance that TopAdria will market the property! Please only contact us if you are interested in cooperating based on our conditions described here. Currently we are not offering other types of properties than those listed above and properties which are not located in Istria or Kvarner. Also, we are not interested in properties which are being offered to more than 3 estate agencies.

Give your property the best chance to sell with TopAdria’s International Property Marketing !

The property market in Croatia in 2016 is still characterized by very low demand. There are very few potential buyers of real estate in Croatia. At the same time lots and lots of properties are for sale and competition is huge! It’s critical to get the best promotion of your property possible.

TopAdria is the only real estate agency in Istria, Croatia, which was founded and is run by a German / Croatian couple with decades worth of international business and marketing experience in Germany, the UK, the US, New Zealand and in Croatia. TopAdria offers property owners 3 marketing packages:

1. BASIC PACKAGE - free of charge for selected properties with a signed TopAdria agency contract

Get your property listed on the TopAdria website in English, German and Croatian – free for approved properties *

NOTE: has a page 1 rank on, and for various real estate keywords! Listing with TopAdria gives you one of the best chances to get your property sold! Tom Thiele writes the English and German property ads himself. Tom is a German national with nearly 30 years of professional International Marketing experience in Germany, the UK, the US, New Zealand and Croatia.

Get listed on Realitica in English, German and Croatian language – free for approved properties *

Realitica has a page 1 listing on for various real estate keywords!

* Approved properties: TopAdria only lists selected (legal) properties which our international clientele might be interested in

2. SPECIAL PROMOTION PACKAGE - only 50 Euro per month

TopAdria offers a special promotion package with these excellent 5 additional services:

  • Your property will be listed on Rightmove TopAdria, one of the top real estate websites worldwide. TopAdria lists 30 selected properties on Rightmove and receives between 70,000 and over 100,000 visits per month!
  • Your property will be listed on Crozilla (Croatia) and on Immowelt (Germany, Austria and Switzerland). Crozilla and Immowelt are among the largest property portals in Croatia and the German speaking countries. That's where most of our property buyers come from!
  • Your property listing will be renewed at least once a day! Property portals list the newest property ad and/or the ad which was most recently renewed on the top spot. TopAdria will renew your ad at least once a day (on weekdays)!
  • TopAdria facebook promotion. TopAdria will promote your property via facebook on an English and a German page. Currently TopAdria has over 575 followers on facebook. See TopAdria facebook English and TopAdria facebook German.
  • Benefit from Tom Thiele’s and TopAdria’s Linkedin pages. Linkedin is the world’s largest professional network. Tom Thiele has a personal LinkedIn network of over 1,800 people and a total network of over 1,500,000 professionals worldwide. Tom is also a member of over 25 Linkedin groups including 15 groups for international (luxury) real estate. The entire network and the groups receive Tom’s postings of properties TopAdria is offering for sale! In addition, TopAdria has a separate Linkedin page! See TopAdria Linkedin

3. VIP MARKETING PACKAGE - only 100 Euro per month

In addition to all other services listed above, TopAdria will:

  • market your property through our partner agencies in Germany (1)!
  • feature your property as a “top offer” on our web site (2) and on property portals!
  • renew your property ads several times a day, also on Saturdays and Sundays!

(1) depending on their agreement regarding each property
(2) max. 5 spots are available, first come first served

Contact us today to get your promotion started!

Your TopAdria Real Estate Croatia team