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Close to sunrise, under the veil of the mist, one can make out the outline of beautiful Motovun, a proud town that is located on the top of a solitary hill.

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In the historical periods of the Romans and the Goths, 1052 stone steps connected the town with the source of the fresh water river of Mirna. The steep and thick stone walls have saved the town from numerous attacks. The walls today are well kept, and offer an enjoyable walk, as well as a long ranging panoramic view across the Istrian landscape. The truffle, a precious fruit from the earth of the Motovun forests, enriches the menu of the Istrian gastronomic offer. The truffle fair attracts distinguished European chefs, who come to create the tastiest delicacies from the Motovun truffle. In the world, Motovun is also recognised for its film festival of independent world productions.