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Svetvinčenat (San Vincente) lies at the crossroads in the heart of Istria.

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The medieval town of Svetvinčenat, situated in the southern part of central Istria, is one of those Istrian jewels that has been discovered only recently. It offers a variety of tourist offer such as events taking place at extremely attractive historical sites of this town.

During the summer months the renovated medieval Morosin-Grimani castle becomes the venue for programs of Istraetnojazz festival, whereas the nearby magnificent central town square and surrounding areas are the stage for the traditional Festival of dance and non-verbal theater.

Svetvinčenat also has its local art group 'Šikuti machine' which often organizes exhibitions, concerts and performances. At the end of autumn the Festival of new wine is held here, a chance for the best winemakers of Istria to present their new wines.

Near Svetvinčenat are the villages Kanfanar, Sv. Petar u Šuma, Žminj and Barban.